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Saab and the hunt for stakeholder confidence

Blog geplaatst door Jan Adriaanse


Research and practice show that rescue operations often fail due to lack of stakeholder confidence. It turns out that rebuilding relationships with important stakeholders often is ignored or the process of regaining trust was simply not properly addressed. What about Saab?

Dealing with creditor frustrations, looking for common interests instead of taking position - we like to call that "enlightened self-interest" -  as well as generating various options for creditor solutions should currently be key ingredients of the rebuilding-confidence framework applied by Saab. But the most important one - and this worries us a little - is a fourth necessary ingredient which is the element of objective criteria. That is to say: a holistic turnaround plan serving as a solid base in the negotiations... What are realistic commercial prospects for this company? What is actually done to make new Saab cars extremely desirable in the eyes of potential customers? What is Saab currently doing to attract zealots again? Customers who live and breathe the Saab brand. Enthusiasts who feel Apple-like fever when thinking and talking about the brand. Saab-lovers who literally suffer from Stockholm Syndrome...again. In other words: what is truly done to rebuild customer confidence in the brand, the cars and in the company itself...? Let's hope for the best... it must be possible (look closely at the jet fighter wing above...). Good luck Saab... Lycka till!